Social media hub: About the Candidate.

Award-winning Architect, Urban Planner, Community Organizer, Political Economist, North Hollywood Northeast Neighborhood Councilmember, Green Party of Los Angeles County Councilmember, 2014 Green Party Candidate for California Senate, 18th District, Jack Lindblad campaigns on a Green-values platform for a carbon-neutral, relocalized, 100% renewable energy, steady state economy, basing development on bio-regional determinism, by forming public policy on accepted science, not developers.

• Advanced Food security with supporting fresh produce grown in local community gardens and edible forest permaculture in our lower, urbanized Pacoima-Tujunga watershed providing entrepreneurial opportunities for marginalized folks.

• LADWP adopted Tujunga Spreading Ground Sediment management strategies following our submitted Public Comments arguing for mechanical conveyance over 170,000 truck trips to protect quality of life.

• Advanced Big Tujunga and Pacoima Reservoir cleanout strategy of moving sediment upstream to enhance Watershed resource conservation and replenishment rather than degrading quality of life by transporting and deposition of sediment in communities.

• Engaged the public to push for Light Rail mass transit along Van Nuys Boulevard, an initiative picked up by Metro to usher Transit oriented development in historic commercial cores to help meet California’s Climate 2020 Mandate to lower GHG by 1/3 based on 1990 levels and to attain at least 1/3 renewable energy economy.

Green Jobs New Deal – Fully Funded Education for All – Universal Single-Payer Quality Affordable Health Care – Human dignity – Quality of Life – Steady-state economy – 100% Renewable Net-zero energy economy – Live Green Values – Vote Green Party – Stop Nepotic Politics – Save Our Neighborhoods – Relocalize water, energy, food, materials, finance – Local Community Banks – Get The Money Out of Politics – Protect Rights, not Raids – Revitalize Tujunga-Pacoima Watershed – Stop Fracking! – Light Rail on Van Nuys Boulevard – #LivingWage #AffordableHousing #GreenJobs #StopGentrification – #StopCorporateWelfare – A green new deal. Resilient communities, sustainable future. The California Dream for all. Everybody in. Nobody out.


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