Apathetic Electorate votes against their own interest

With political campaign as context, dozens of public policy initiatives advanced by Jack Lindblad’s Campaign for California State Senate’s 18th District comprising over 23 communities of the East San Fernando Valley  are archived here.

Lindblad’s policy initiatives provides a glimpse of a positive scenario had not been for only 11 out of 81 eligible voters turning out at the polling believing false promises made the sociopathic neocon and neoliberal duopolist monied candidates representing the corporatist-driven Extinction of every living thing on even today, an unrecognizable planet known as Earth. To describe that planet’s present and deteriorating conditions suitable for habitation, we call Earth’s present state eAArth.

Such an abysmal voter disinterest and apathy reflects current failure and collapse of US democracy. An oligarchical tyranny is the accurate descriptor of political governance ruling the US today.